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The IFX Group is happy to be a charter member of the IPAD Owners Association. We contribute to the development and promotion of the user supported operating system called IPAD-OS. This high performance embedded operating system was developed by the famed Philip L. Becker, rocket scientist, founder of eSoft, Inc and a published author.

In February 2000 a group of interested IPAD-OS product owners gathered in Chicago for the first IPADCON. One of the results of the very informative event was the formation of the not-for-profit IPAD Owners Association, Inc. (IOA). Future IPADCON events promise to be very exciting in many ways.

If you are at all interested in the amazing IPAD-OS or products based on IPAD-OS, the best place to find out first hand directly from those who use it every day is at IPADCON. The convention is one of the most friendly environments to not only discover more about the IPAD-OS, but about the general rules of the Internet and business.

The official IPADCON site is the first stop in signing up to attend and also to find out what events are scheduled. Anyone who owns or operates an IPAD-OS product should attend, especially if your IPAD-OS is not considered an important part of your network. Once you discover what is really inside the IPAD-OS, you will forever be empowered to go places and do things you never thought possible before.

Hope to see you there.